Sugar, Sugar event

. February 22, 2013.

If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, maybe maple sugar can teach children about history. As part of their Preschool Pioneers program, Toledo Metroparks will host children ages 3 to 5 at Pearson Park for their Sugar, Sugar event on Friday, March 8 at 10 am. Youngsters will learn the history of maple sugar before making their own frozen maple sugar treat — think of it as a frontier slurpee. Maple was the most widely available source of sugar in Northwest Ohio during the 19th century, a humanitarian alternative to slave-harvested sugar cane. Youngsters will learn this lesson at the historic Johlin Cabin — an actual pioneer cabin from the post-Civil-War Black Swamp. (Pearson Park is one of the last remaining slices of the Great Black Swamp, adding to the authenticity.) For kids of all ages  who want to experience sweet history for themselves, Homestead: Maple Sugaring, a similarly-themed event, will be held at Pearson Park on Saturday, March 2 at 11 am.

Make sure to enter Pearson Park at the north entrance, off Seaman road. Free. 419-407-9700, or visit