Science from the street

. October 29, 2012.

Kids can learn about what makes them tick and what keeps them healthy — with the help of some familiar friends, as Imagination Station welcomes Sesame Street Presents: The Body, a special new exhibition featuring the characters of the beloved PBS program. Young visitors can explore three different education zones, each with its own focus. "Your Outsides" gives a tour of the parts of the body, with puzzles, sign language games, shadow puppets, and a little help from Bert and Ernie. "Your Insides" gives a kid-friendly look at what's going on in there, as Oscar, the Count and friends explain digestion and the internal organs in ways young folks can understand. And in "Staying Healthy," kids can learn how to keep things running smoothly, in simple ways like keeping clean (with the help of Ernie and his Rubber Duckie!) and getting plenty of exercise. That last one won't be a problem, with "Rosita's Locomotion," which gives little muscles a workout while kids learn how they function by pumping, rowing and running. Whether you're raising a young surgeon, fitness enthusiast or just a Sesame Street fan, you won't want to miss it.

Through January 27, 2013. "Big Kids" admission (13 and older) is $9.50, kids 3 to 12 $7.50, and kids 2 and under free. One Discovery Way. 419-244-2674.