School Fundraiser with lots of “Pizza! Pizza!”

. January 27, 2014.

One way to make sure students get involved in a school fundraiser is to include pizza in the description. Marco's Pizza is hosting a School Challenge that will keep hungry appetites happy. Participating schools register online and are listed on the Marco's Pizza Online Ordering Site.

Every time family members and friends order online, they identify which school they are supporting with their order. Pizza points are earned for every online order placed and a point factor system will be determined to keep the competition fair despite different sizes of schools. The only thing left to do is tell your friends and family and host a pizza party they'll never forget. Keep the orders going and may the hungriest school win!

The winning school of the Marco’s Pizza School Challenge will be awarded $10,000 and a pizza party for the ages! For more information, store locations and to place an order, visit