Sauder Village: Agriculture Adventures

This summer Sauder Village is offering a brand new event called Agriculture Adventures to showcase aspects of farming. Each day of the week long event will focus on a particular area of the farm with activities for the whole family. Kim Krieger, Public Relations Director, said, “We wanted to expand our Dairy Days to give a more comprehensive look at a farm and to expand the educational opportunities.” All activities are with Sauder Village admission.

June 14-19

Tuesday: Poultry Day- egg gathering, egg-themed cooking demos, egg toss, egg preservation

Wednesday: Beef Day- team of ox men doing demos, cow themed story time at the Little Pioneers Schoolhouse, historic cooking demos featuring ox tail soup and other dishes eaten by pioneers

Thursday: Pork Day- pig calling contest, pig themed story time at the Little Pioneers Schoolhouse

Friday: Grain Day- corn and wheat cracking and shucking 

Saturday: Dairy Day- cow milking, making ice cream and butter and Tractors, Tractors, Tractors

Sunday: Meet the Animals


For more information call 419-446-2541 or visit