Race over to the Imagination Station’s Nerdy Derby

. July 28, 2016.

A pinewood derby typically has a lot of rules— and while rules can be fun, they can also be fun to break. That’s where the Imagination Station’s Nerdy Derby comes in.

This weekend, visitors can design, build and race their own derby car during a no rules, all fun celebration of imagination.

Leave the supplies at home— the science center will have that covered. Young engineers can experiment with supplies, tinker with toy cars, brainstorm ideas and build their own derby car.

Once the little inventor completes their derby car, it’s off to the races. They can send the car down the hills and valleys of a 40 foot track to test out how fast— or slow— their little car can go.

“Activities like the Nerdy Derby allow visitors to think creatively and solve problems through trial and error,” said Sloan Eberly Mann, Director of STEM Education. “It’s important for kids to make discoveries so they can better understand the world around them.”

Of course, no derby experience is complete without a thinking cap. Visitors can make their own derby hat to get into the engineering excitement, or reward their automotive accomplishments.

Now— on your mark, get set… derby!

Read more about the Nerdy Derby here.

Activities are included in the cost of admission.  
​10am-5pm Saturday, July 30 & noon-5pm Sunday, July 31.
Imagination Station, 1 Discovery Way. 419-244-2674. imaginationstationtoledo.org