Queen of Apostles School Partners with The Andersons

The students at Queen of Apostles School have a lot to be grateful for this season, much of it due to their year-round relationship with The Andersons, a partner of the school, helping teachers and students (and their families).

“We are like a lot of other companies that work with a school,” explained Julie Payeff, Andersons’ Community Commitment Manager. “We work with Sister Joselyn, the principal, to see if we can do anything for the students or the teachers. We have a committee that meets with people at the school, and we do our best to help meet their needs.”

Recognition and Assistance

A quarterly breakfast is held to recognize the students who have shown good marks in effort and attendance. An all-day picnic and fun day at the Andersons compound near school’s end recognizes students with high marks for four quarters. Kindergarten and third-grade students learn about the Nutcracker, hosting guest speakers to talk about dance and storytelling, and attend the show. Younger students benefit from Andersons volunteers who come to tutor in reading and math once a week, enjoy a visit from the Toledo Opera on Wheels and the presentation of a play by the Windy City players. Each summer, school officials pick 25 students to camp out with their families on Kelly’s Island. Fifth or sixth grade students receive financial support to attend Camp Storer in the spring. Sister Joselyn Weeman notes, “We are so thankful for all the things they do. We think of how much energy it takes to organize all these activities, and feel very lucky to work with such wonderful people.”     

Encouraging Teaming Up

Computer carts and SMART boards have been provided for the school and school uniforms and school supplies are made available for all students. Volunteers from The Andersons spent a Day of Caring at the school in late August, painting indoors and doing yard work outside. Payeff encourages other companies to team up with a school. “We have as much fun as the kids do,” she said, “and it’s rewarding to know we are helping to enrich the lives of the children and their families.”