Positively Portable Preschool

Visit Black Kite Coffee at the right time, and you’re likely to chime in and start jumping on the “bed” yourself. The activity is part of  Positively Portable Preschool, the brainchild of early childhood special educator Denice Rokicki. The Toledo native spent the last thirty-odd years educating elsewhere, primarily Phoenix, AZ, where she created a music and movement program heavy on stories.

“Everything is related to books,” says Denice. “I incorporate songs and movement, including old standards that parents know, and newer stuff.”
Her program is designed for children ages 0-5. “The zeros don’t watch me, they watch the other kids,” she says. Play is all-inclusive, and special needs kids are welcome.  Parents can join in or take a break with other parents, enjoying  Black Kite’s excellent coffee and breakfast offerings. Denice is available for chatting while she sets up the space about a half hour before.

That includes putting together a puzzle-piece dance floor—kids are welcome to help—as well as bringing in four crates and two backpacks full of toys. Denice is looking to expand the program to other locations; call 419-280-1173 for details.

Positively Portable Preschool, Black Kite Coffee, 10:30 on Saturdays, excluding the last Saturday of the month. 2499 Collingwood,( at the corner of Delaware) Toledo. 419-720-5820. www.facebook.com/BlackKiteCoffee