Notre Dame Academy Gets to Know Girls Like Us

The faculty, staff, and students at Notre Dame Academy have a special focus this year. They are working to answer the big question “How do we approach diversity issues in our culture?” using the book Girls Like Us by Gail Giles. The book tells the story of two girls who are classmates in a special education program, and the challenges they face after high school. Margaret FitzGerald, NDA Director of Communications and Marketing, explains that all members of the school community read the book before school started, and teachers are using it to stimulate discussions about making all members feel welcome. The school will observe Diversity Week January 11-January 15, and school officials are currently planning events to highlight diversity in fields of endeavor. 

“This is a particular part of our mission,” Ms. FitzGerald noted. “We are preparing our students to be women of vision, and we want to explore how we can help everyone to feel included.” 

Giles was a guest speaker at the school, explaining how she came to write the book, and the school has also hosted Michael Fowlin, who encouraged the staff and students to look past stereotypes and accept people for who they are.