Look Who’s New at the Toledo Zoo


Meet Loki, Lobo, and Tundra – the Toledo Zoo’s newest residents! These wolves were named after a two-week-long program that invited area residents to vote on names through a donation project. The money raised from the donations provides funds for care of the wolves at the zoo and also supports wolves in the wild. Loki, Lobo, and Tundra are brothers from the same litter. While wolves are often depicted as scary, snarly, and fierce in history and literature, their real temperament is very different. Wolves are known to be intelligent, shy, and always mate for life. They live in packs and care for their pups as a community. Wolves can run up to 35 miles per hour and prefer to live in cold climates. A keen sense of smell, double layers of fur, and paws that act like snowshoes make them very well-adjusted to wintry conditions. 

See Loki, Lobo, and Tundra each day till 4pm at the Toledo Zoo, 2 Hippo Way. 419-385-4040. www.toledozoo.org