Local Artist Makes Cancer Understandable


Artist Greg Justus had quite a challenge: to illustrate a children’s book about cancer. He wanted the illustrations to be informative, but not scary, and he thought that an approach that was “too cartoony” wouldn’t work. He collaborated with the author, Jean Schoen. As Director of the Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio. She enlisted Justus, who painted healthy cells in bright colors and cancer cells with unhappy faces. The results are three books — Someone I Know Has Cancer (one for youngest readers), Do You Know Someone Who Has Cancer?  (for young readers) and When Someone You Know Has Cancer, for young adult readers. Schoen notes, “I learned that parents need to talk to their kids in a cancer situation. I wrote the books for parents to read with their children, and to encourage the kids to ask questions.” The books are available through Amazon for $10 each, with all proceeds going to the agency for physical, emotional, and spiritual help for to cancer patients of all ages. 


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