Fun Little Feet

. March 11, 2013.

Whether it’s because they’re teething, or just learning more about the vast world around them, babies have a way of putting objects in their mouths.  A favorite pastime for little ones is seeing whether or not they can fit their own little piggies in their mouths, too.  Neil and Jill Little’s children and grandchildren were no different.    
What began as the Maumee couple being playful and calling their children’s feet “chocolate pie feet” or “vanilla pie feet” years later has evolved into Pie Feet, a unique product your baby will love.  The Pie Feet baby teething toy is exactly what you might imagine from the name: a foot!  The vibrant yellow color is sure to capture their attention and the hole at the bottom of the foot makes it easy for tiny hands to hold tight and gnaw away at the little toes to their heart’s content.   “Children love bright colors,” said Mr. Little.  “It’s a good product and a fun product.”  Made of FDA approved rubber, it will outlast even the toughest of the little chewers in your family.   
  Recently, Pie Feet has expanded to several other states and is found in many hospital gift shops and specialty stores. Pie Feet is located at 427 W. Dussel, Suite 314, Maumee  For more information, 419-893-3619/