Daycare insurance


It’s a fairly common thing for stay-at-home moms to offer after school care or, in the summer, all-day care in their homes for the children in their community.  But Ohio Department of Insurance Director Mary Jo Hudson is urging anyone thinking about offering child care in their home to contact their insurance provider to make sure they have adequate liability coverage.  “Accidents happen, especially when young children are involved,” said Director Hudson. “It’s important that in-home child care providers have the proper amount of liability coverage in the event something was to happen.”  According to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, the providers of in-home child care are not required to purchase liability insurance, but they are required to inform the parents of the children they watch that they have not purchased coverage.  Additionally, insurance companies may deny coverage for a child care related accident in the home, or a child-care-providing homeowner may have their policy cancelled for not providing full disclosure in using their residence as a business.  For more information about becoming an in-home child care provider, visit