Ceramics Shop Owner Shares Joy of Creating

. July 31, 2015.

Sandy Kasten opened her ceramics store ,Simply Stated and Painted, on Glanzman Road just before Christmas 2014. She had planned to run the business with her daughter Dayna, but Dayna died just eight days after the store opened. Sandy was determined to share the excitement she and her daughter had experienced doing clay and glass projects and she is hoping to introduce others to the joy of creating works of art.

“Dayna and I both worried that schools aren’t offering art classes like they used to,” explains Kasten. “We wanted to get kids off the couch, have them turn off the video games, and get them doing art, so they could see how much fun and rewarding creating can be.”

To that end, Kasten offers classes and party opportunities. Guests pick their project piece from her collection of mugs, plates, bowls, decorative pieces, then choose colors to make their piece unique. There is no time limit on how long it takes to finish a piece, and the cost, including the paint, the firing, and the professional advice Kasten can offer, is included in the price of the piece, which is based on its size ($14.95/small to $59.95/jumbo).

Kasten has a party room for up to 12 adults (wedding shower or ladies’ night out) and there is also space for children’s parties (think birthdays or Scout troops). 

The shop is located at 3322 Glanzman Road, 419 214-0224.