Being Happy is a Choice


Cold and dark winters don’t typically give us much to smile about. We miss the sunshine and being outdoors. But the season is no reason not to be happy, and Bob Moyers, also known as Mr. Happy, believes he has found a plan for everyone to live happy, balanced, morally correct lives. After a life of several disappointments, failed marriages and career missteps, Moyers founded the Positive People Partners and the Center of Unconditional Love. Both organizations give him a chance to help people learn how to love, accept, and forgive unconditionally, which leads to lives marked by joy and lack of stress and negativity.

His Be Healthy Plan, which refers to mental, spiritual, and social health, starts with the declaration that each day is a happy day. From there, each person can decide to interact with others by speaking the truth with love, and listening with understanding. Admitting our shortcomings and forgiving “no matter what” lead to repaired relationships and recognition of the power of acceptance and love.

Moyers visits church and social groups, as well as club meetings and family parties to share his “Happy Exercises” and invites inquiries at and 419 533-4191. His website includes information about the Be Healthy Plan.