Arts and Crafts at Monclova Community Center

. November 1, 2015.

For anyone looking to flex their creative muscle with their families, Studio 12 Thirteen has plenty of options this month. Sundays from 11am to 1pm, “Family Fun Day” includes hands-on projects that kids will be able to take home. You can also take your little artists to art classes during the week: “Child Picasso”on Mondays, allows kids to explore colors and textures; “Child Monet” happens on Wednesdays exploring the use of chalk and pastels; kids can experience surrealism during “Child Dali” on Fridays. These events are for ages two to five with an adult and all take place from 10-10:45am. In addition, there are events strictly for adults like “BYOB Paint Party” on Fridays or Saturdays (for ages 21 and older) and the “Coffee & Tea, Paint With Me” from Noon-2pm on Wednesdays (for ages 14 and older).

“I wanted to somehow combine my love of art, education, holistic healing, music, people, and serving others into a business,” said founder Sarah Hourigan. “Last fall, there was a ‘space for rent’ sign out in front of the building and, although I had no idea what I was going to put in the space, I just knew I needed to rent it and open a business that would compliment the other businesses already operating inside the Monclova Community Center.”

Monclova Community Center, in the lower level of the east wing
8115 Monclova Rd.

Adult classes average $39/3hrs (all supplies included) and children's classes average $12/1-2 hours, depending on project and age range