Art for fun’s sake

. August 13, 2012.

It’s difficult to make educational summer programs fun, but Toledo’s For the Love of Art has spent the past 16 years doing just that. “We disguise the learning in the fun,” Bob Schira, owner and instructor, says. Their summer art camp themes include traveling the world of art, with students learning about other cultures (passport included!), and plenty of other artistic adventures. (Previously, Schira and students have taken sidewalk chalk and painted a 20 by 30 foot Mona Lisa in the building’s parking lot.) All instructors at For the Love of Art are degreed, experienced art teachers who have worked or are working in schools. Camps for grades K through 6 are $48 per child weekly and run from July 9 to Aug. 17. (The first camp has a water art theme.) Additional classes for grades 6-12 and adults are also available. For the Love of Art, 4027 N. Holland Sylvania. 419-882-2060.