Apricato joins the fro-yo fray

Hairdresser Meena Chopra knew she wanted a career change. She and her husband Manoj looked for something trendy to appeal to Midwesterners, and decided to enter the food industry by way of frozen yogurt. They picked a non-typical name, explaining “We didn’t want a name with ‘yo’ or ‘go’ or ‘berry’ in it,” and opened their first Apricato frozen yogurt store in Maumee a year ago. A colorful second store opened recently, and the India natives/current Toledo residents have plans to open more local “very happy places” to enjoy a treat “healthier than ice cream.” Customers serve themselves (hurrah for portion control, especially for young picky eaters!) from 15 different weekly choices. Guilt is minimized with low-fat, non-fat, non-dairy and sugar-free offerings (like blueberry lemonade and Alaskan moose tracks) — even cupcake and peanut butter yogurt can be good for you! Seventy (!) tempting toppings: candies, nuts, cereals, cookies, seasonal fruits, chunks of cookie dough or cheesecake add more flavor and fun, and the cost is just 47 cents/ounce. New offerings include Greek yogurts (one with zeusberries) and the option to blend all goodies into a smoothie.
Apricato Frozen Yogurt is located at 4137 Talmadge Rd. in the Joseph’s Plaza. 419-475-4840. Open Monday-Sunday, noon to 9:30 pm.

Visit www.facebook.com/apricatofrozenyogurt for weekly flavors and other specials.