A natural fit

. August 13, 2012.

A communal gathering space where inner peace and fitness become one was Deborah Chapman's dream four years ago, when TONIC Studio's building was under construction. "Everything you see here, she designed," says Kimberly Chapman (Deborah’s daughter-in-law) co-owner of TONIC Studio. From the river rock that lines the walls, to the glistening teak wood and sleek edges, TONIC is a tranquil space with contemporary, stylish flair.

Offering Beyond Barre, personal training, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Pilates classes as well as private instruction, the facility offers two rooms with Pilates equipment and a large space for group classes in its Yoga Room. "We're also building a yoga deck outside," says Chapman. "Beyond Barre is a low-impact combination of yoga, pilates and basic ballet  and in 60 minutes you can burn up to 800 calories. We have everyone from 18-80 year olds in the class and I teach it. We also offer Zumba which is more intense."

"We believe in an integrated approach to health and wellness," says Chapman. "We're dedicated to assisting our clients to find the right work out for them."  With twelve instructors, including Chapman herself, the Studio offers workouts in a small setting with the added benefits of personal instruction and a private atmosphere. There are even classes for the younger set: TONIC offers Mommy and Me Yoga (for dads, siblings and caregivers too!) every Friday at 11:30am.  And for those who haven't quite come to fruition yet, Prenatal Yoga is offered on Wednesday evenings at 6pm.

For more info or for class pricing visit www.tonicmaumee.com or call 419-794-4044. 2221 River Rd., Maumee.