A healthy start for kids

. June 17, 2013.

Maintaining a healthy body and mind requires education on proper exercise techniques and the importance of a balanced diet. ProMedica’s new Healthy Kids Conversion Map Program aims to inform kids and parents of the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle. ProMedica employees will be heading out to numerous area schools and neighborhood centers to share their strategies for staying fit and healthy at home and at school in a 30-minute presentation. Each session is geared towards helping families make better choices in both the grocery store and at home.

The program utilizes a “learning map” —  an interactive game board that brings families on a journey through making the right decisions. Available at each session is also a food diary and worksheets that students can bring home in order to hopefully create a “healthy” dialogue between kids and their parents. “It’s highly interactive,” says Stephanie Cihon, ProMedica’s Community Outreach Coordinator. “It opens an opportunity for parents and kids to talk about what they can do as a family.”

For more information on how to bring this program to your school or organization, visit www.promedica.org or call Stephanie at 419-469-3896.