A bag of beauty

. September 26, 2012.

Want to introduce your child to the world of art, but don’t feel qualified to be a tour guide on your own? The Toledo Musuem of Art has a way to help, with its new Gallery Gear “activity tote bags.” Check out one of the bags for free at a Museum information desk, and let the material in it guide your child’s experience. You’ll find themed books related to one of three works in the TMA collection (“The Architect’s Dream” by Thomas Cole, the Egyptian burial case for Ta-Mit and “Counterman-Diner” by Emily Brock). You’ll also find multimedia materials, from drawing pads to foam blocks to magnetic boards, to help guide your child through fun activities that will help them see art in a whole new way.

2445 Monroe St. 419-255-8000. www.toledomuseum.org.