What I’ve learned

Local parents share their baby wisdom

By Kristin Reichardt


Amy Shiffert, Maumee
Mom of Betsy, 13 months
“Remember that your baby truly is a completely unique individual. I kind of got caught up in [the idea that] if it works for my friends, it should work for her. Just keep in mind that everyone wants to give you different input on everything and there is no right answer. There’s just the right answer for you and your family, your finances, your living situation and your goals. At some point you just need to follow your instincts; they’re there more than you realize.”




Aaron Miller, Sylvania
Dad to Emily, 7, Norah, 21 months, and a third on the way
“Get [dad] involved as much as possible. A dad is gone all day working, it is hard to bond compared to mom if she is with the baby all day. Every night it was my job to give Norah a bath, dress her for bed and put her to bed. You and your man are partners — don’t parent him taking care of your child. You both will make mistakes, but just because he doesn’t do it your way doesn’t mean it is wrong.”





Crystal Howell, Sylvania
Mom to Colin, 8, and Andrew, 7
“Your first child will teach you not to sweat the small stuff — kids can pee in diapers more than once! With the first child you are constantly checking to see if they’re wet; with the second you think, ‘Oh, they’re fine.’ You learn to let insignificant things go easier the more children you have.”





Gina Grimm, of Sylvania
Mom of Elijah, 8, and Tegan, 5
“With Elijah, I was sick the whole time, from before I found out I was pregnant until the day after I gave birth. With Tegan I tried some more holistic ways to deal with morning sickness, like ginger lollipops. It made me see that you don’t always need to use the medications to make yourself feel better. You can exercise a little more, or eat small meals throughout the day rather than three big meals.”





Nicole Beat, Sylvania
Mom of Alexander, 5 months
“Listen to your mom! Ask for advice from older women who have been there. When you start reading all of these blogs and books there’s so much information it can get overwhelming. Stop researching — you’re going to be fine.”