TPS Closes Robinson Achievement to Open Preschool

On May 16, Toledo Public Schools announced that they were closing Robinson Achievement with plans to open a new preschool location. Robinson Achievement housed classrooms for children struggling with severe mental health issues and other disabilities, which prevented them from being able to attend their home schools. 27 students will be “mainstreamed” beginning this coming school year, 2022-23. 

“When we say mainstream, it doesn’t mean they are going back to a regular classroom. They’re going back into a classroom that has the support that their team has said they needed,” said TPS chief of Student Supports, Amy Allen, in an interview with 13 ABC on May 16. “We are fortunate now to have mental health partners in every single one of our buildings, and because of that, we feel that students are best served in their home school,” Allen continued. 

Of the displaced 27 students, TPS leaders report that eight will go to LEAP, a school that is specifically tailored for children with severe behaviors, where teachers help them in learning how to manage those behaviors. Pending a final Individualized Education Plan, or IEP, the rest of the students will move to classrooms that will support their needs within their home schools. 

Recently, TPS has gained more mental health resources, which they did not have in the past. With these new mental health resources, TPS leaders believe that students will fare better in their home schools. 

TPS’ Early Childhood Education program has been exponentially expanding for the past five school years. Robinson Elementary will now have a preschool located in “the annex”, a term used by TPS for Robinson Achievement’s location. New information about the new preschool location will be forthcoming. 

Robinson Elementary and the annex are located at 1075 Horace Ave

Phone: 419-671-4200
Fax: 419-671-4260

Early Childhood Education Department’s Chief of Student Supports, Amy Allen, can be reached at 419-671-9103, or by emailing

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