No more needles


 Parents know too well the anxiety and struggle that one simple shot can create. Thankfully, Dr. Oliver Jenkins and Dr. Christopher Perry of Toledo Clinic ENT have a solution. Recently, they debuted NO-SHOTZ, an allergy treatment that, as the name suggests, does not require the intrusive prick of a pesky needle. 
In the past, allergy treatment or immunotherapy had no alternative to needles, but NO-SHOTZ is administered simply, with drops under the tongue, leaving a minty flavor. Dr. Perry, a nasal and sinus specialist, explains, “The drops contain small levels of the allergen, which in time, create a level of tolerance so that allergy symptoms such as a stuffy, runny nose, itchy watery eyes and sneezing are relieved.  Patient’s love the convenience of at home allergy treatment.  We understand that our patients are busy.  We want to create options for our many patients experiencing allergy and sinus issues.”  
In addition, Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Perry provide comprehensive allergy, nasal and sinus care for children and adults.  Dr. Perry notes, “We provide allergy testing and treatment and evaluation for sinus conditions with an in-office sit down sinus CT scanner.”  
“We wanted to create a one-stop patient experience,” explains Dr. Jenkins, Chief of ENT at the Toledo Children’s Hospital. “At our office, patients can have allergy testing and a sinus CT scan in one visit with only one co-pay.  That means fewer trips to the doctor and less time off of work or school for busy families on the go.”
Often allergy problems can lead to sinusitis.  In some cases, sinus surgery is necessary to relieve the persistent sinus pressure, drainage and infections that so many patients experience.  Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Perry perform a new procedure to treat chronic sinusitis (inflammation and swelling of the sinus lining that blocks normal drainage of fluid leading to the symptoms of sinusitis).  The procedure, called Balloon Sinuplasty, involves placing a small balloon catheter inside the nose to gently open up blocked sinuses.  “This new procedure involves much less post-procedure discomfort and a much shorter recovery without nasal packing,” notes Dr. Jenkins.
Dr. Perry says, “This procedure works well, especially for children. It’s safe, effective and it doesn’t adversely affect facial growth and sinus development.”
Using advanced tools and techniques for children and adults, Toledo ENT refers to themselves as “the doctors that doctors trust.” “We have a wonderful, professional staff that creates a friendly environment for children and their families,” adds Dr. Jenkins.

Toledo Clinic ENT is located at 4405 N. Holland Sylvania Rd. Suite 101, for more information about the clinic, call 419-724-8368.