Autism Academy of Learning

219 Page St., Toledo



The Autism Academy is a year-round public school for students with autism spectrum disorder. They focus on developing a higher quality of life and promote independence through subjects like academics, behavior and daily-living and vocational skills.


Autism Society of Northwest Ohio

6629 W. Central Ave., Ste 1, Toledo



The Autism Society of Northwest Ohio provides information, referrals, materials, educational programs, social/support groups, and a summer school to individuals, families, and professionals affected by autism in 12 Northwest Ohio counties.


Bright Horizons Advocacy & Consulting, LLC

205 Farnsworth Rd., Waterville



Bright Horizons provides assistance with school advocacy and disability related consultation for children of all ages with any disability.


Cerebral Palsy Guide

121 South Orange Avenue



Cerebral Palsy Guide is a national support organization for anyone affected by cerebral palsy (CP). We provide easy-to-read information on CP symptoms, treatment options, support groups, financial help and more.


Double Arc 

3837 Secor Rd., Toledo



Double ARC serves children with diffuse brain damage, specializing in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. They offer diagnosis, education, intervention and advocacy to help children succeed, and also provide IEP consultation, trainings for parents, social skills training for kids.


Down Syndrome Association of Greater Toledo

PO Box 298, Sylvania



A support group that promotes inclusion, advocacy, awareness, education and parental support to anyone that has a loved one with Down syndrome.


Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio

1701 Holland Rd., Maumee



Their goal is to promote, support, and encourage activities for the prevention and  treatment of epilepsy while educating the general public about epilepsy to eliminate misconceptions, promote economic opportunities for people with epilepsy, and  provide programs, activities, and support for people with epilepsy.


Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

2040 W. Central Ave., Toledo



Inspiring the growth of opportunities that will create a limitless future for all touched by autism is what they work for. Their vision is to make the community a place where all touched by autism are empowered to live without limits.



6629 W. Central Ave., Toledo



Harbor encompasses a wide range of services, including family medicine, adult day services for individuals with developmental disabilities, vocational programs for those with barriers to employment, Developmental Pediatrics, school-based achievement programs, wellness education and Employee Assistance Programs for businesses.


Harmony Chiropractic Center, Inc. 

3829 Woodley Road, Suite 1, Toledo



Harmony Chiropractic Center, Inc. and Dr. Bryan D. Royer are dedicated to helping people in Toledo regain and maintain their health as Dr. Royer is a specialist in functional neurology and is the only Board Certified Chiropractic neurologist in the Toledo area.


Help Me Grow 

2275 Collingwood Blvd., Toledo



Help Me Grow offers early intervention services for children with medical conditions, disabilities or developmental delays. They also offer home visiting services to provide information, education and support for families.

All services are free and voluntary.


Hope Learning Academy

4234 Monroe St., Toledo



Hope Learning Academy is a K-8 school dedicated to serving students who need to learn in a non-traditional classroom setting. This student-centered community is driven by rigorous social-skills, art infusion and sensory integration.



151 N. Michigan Ave., Studio 329, Toledo


Dance instructors Karen Medina and Katie Nault work to foster a love of performing arts with creative expression for individuals with developmental challenges and special needs.


Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities

1154 Larc Lane, Toledo



The Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ mission is to assure that people with developmental disabilities have the same opportunities and life experiences as all other citizens.  They inspire possibilities and create activities throughout the community that further this ideal.


Mass Mutual SpecialCare Program 

1760 Manley Rd., Maumee



SpecialCare is a program that provides access to information – from what you need to know in order to provide the best care to your loved one, to how to manage the needs of yourself and other family members. It is great for people who are caring for a person with a disability or other special needs.


NWO Stuttering Clinic: University of Toledo



NWO Stuttering Clinic is committed to providing a broad foundation of normal bases of speech, language, hearing

and specialized coursework in the assessment and remediation of speech and language disorders. They work to provide services to children and adults with communication disorders.


Perrysburg Academy of the Performing Arts

156 West South Boundary, Perrysburg



Providing children with balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, carriage, creativity, musicality, kinesthetic awareness, self-expression, communication,  determination, joy, excitement, self-respect, concentration, focus, responsibility, teamwork, and tolerance.


Sensory Learning Program 

3454 Oak Alley Ct, Toledo



Their Sensory Learning Program is a 30-day, drug-free intervention that treats sensory processing issues as seen in Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Speech and Language Delays and Behavior Issues.


Sibshops at the Alternate Learning Center 

3939 Wrenwood Rd., Toledo

Wendy Smenner, Lucas County Parent Mentor

419-294-3066, wsmenner@esclakeeriewest

Wendy Smenner, local mom and Lucas County Parent member, was inspired to start Sibshops, which aims to provide a safe space for siblings of children with disabilities to talk, connect and have fun with other kids who understand their circumstances.


Superschade’s Foundation

P.O. Box 599, Holland



Superschade’s Foundation works with other local organizations and businesses to benefit children and families with special needs, as well as to educate the community about developmental disabilities.


The Ability Center of Greater Toledo

5605 Monroe St., Sylvania



The Ability Center actively seeks partnerships with community organizations and supports individuals with disabilities and their families to achieve their vision of independent living. They assist people with disabilities to live, work and socialize within a fully accessible community.


The Arc of Northwest Ohio, Inc. 

3450 W. Central Ave., Suite 354, Toledo



The Arc of Lucas County provides support, education and advocacy for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.


The iTaalk Autism Foundation

Tammy Eisenreich, vice president



This local non profit not only grants iPads to children with autism but also educates parents, teachers, therapists and caregivers of any child with special healthcare needs on all the amazing capabilities of interactive technology.



1127 W. Central Ave., Toledo



Riders with disabilities have the freedom to explore the city with TARPS paratransit service. Buses with lifts, ramps and attentive staff make it easily accessible. All registered TARPS customers may use TARTA’s regular bus line, Call-A-Ride and game shuttle services free of charge.


Ballet Theatre of Toledo

1124 Corporate Dr., Holland



An unforgettable performance by the Ballet Theatre of Toledo will dazzle onlookers as they admire a holiday favorite, The Nutcracker. This particular show welcomes and accommodates individuals with special needs who delight in performing arts. Watch their eyes light up as performers sing and dance their way across the stage at the Valentine Theatre on Friday, November 28 at 2pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to take children and adults who would be unable to attend a public performance because of their needs. Seating is limited so make reservations in advance through the Ballet Theatre of Toledo.


Toledo Family Pharmacy

1601 W. Sylvania Ave., Toledo



A family-owned business that places a high priority on pharmaceutical care, one-on-one patient counseling and medication management, making it ideal for children and adults with special needs.

Toledo Ballet

5327 Monroe St., Toledo



Toledo Ballet offers a weekly creative movement class for individuals with developmental disabilities who are served by the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities Connections at the Woodley location, called Connections at Woodley Adult Movement Classes.  Approximately 20 students participate annually in this program made possible by a generous grant from the Lott-Conlon Foundation.

Toledo Ballet’s signature outreach program, First Steps is a weekly dance program for economically disadvantaged kindergartners which combines dance with children’s literature to promote literacy, and includes some special needs classes also. Thanks to generous grants from The Andersons, Inc., the Harry and Eloise Baumker Charitable Trust, Owens Corning, Inc., and Mercy, Toledo Ballet brings First Steps to kindergarten classrooms at Queen of Apostles, Ella P. Stewart, Garfield, Rosa Parks, Edgewater, and Rosary, more than 200 economically disadvantaged students participate in First Steps annually.

Toledo Ballet offers and an Adaptive Dance program for children and youth interested in learning the express themselves through movement and dance. Class curriculum, created by ballet teacher Ann Heckler, encourages both typical and special needs students to progress at their own pace. When the program began over 5 years ago, all participants had Down Syndrome. Today we welcome both typical and various special needs students. Scholarships are available through generous funding from the Gretchen Goodard Skeldon Foundation.
Currently classes offered at Toledo Ballet:
Children 11 and up- Sat. 1:00-2:00
Young Adults – Thursday 7:15-8:15.
Possibility for another more class/age offering soon! Call for more info 419-471-0049

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