Toledo Zooing it from home

. April 29, 2020.
Photo Courtesy of The Toledo Zoo.
Photo Courtesy of The Toledo Zoo.

As winter stubbornly gives way to spring, Glass City families may find themselves missing many of their favorite seasonal destinations at this time of year, the Toledo Zoo among them. Luckily, the Zoo is doing everything it can to give area residents a taste of what they have to offer— a literal taste, in some cases.

The Toledo Zoo Facebook page is hosting new live streaming videos every weekday, giving viewers a chance to see how some of their favorite animals are doing and a behind-the-scenes look at how the Zoo’s staff is taking care of them. The videos are broadcast every Monday through Friday at 10:30am.

Recent live streams have showcased the bathing of the Zoo’s elephants, a dingo getting a walk around the grounds, feeding residents such as the komodo dragon and more. Kids watching the videos are encouraged to ask questions in the comment section, which the Zoo staff can answer in real-time.

Viewers have a chance to donate to the Zoo during the stream, with videos such as the recent visit to the gorilla enclosure garnering over $600 in donations.

If frequent visitors miss some of the delicious food that they can get on the Zoo grounds, the Toledo Zoo website is taking care of that, too. Every Tuesday and Thursday, individuals can place an order for a large family meal prepared by the Zoo’s chefs.

Costing $35, the meal must be ordered in advance through the website and then picked up from the Zoo’s Broadway entrance between 4 and 6pm. Each meal is estimated to feed 4-6 diners. The dishes on offer will vary from week to week.

Diners who wish may also purchase a meal for area health care workers on the Zoo’s website in addition to their own order.