Sloan Eberly Mann

Imagination Station Education Director

Imagination Station’s Education Director Sloan Eberly Mann says her two boys thinks she goes to work all day to play. “It’s too funny. They think I hang out at the exhibits all day and ride the (high wire) bicycle,” the mother of Noah (8) and Oliver (5) said.

While juggling her role at Toledo’s science center with being a hands-on Mom is certainly a balancing act, Mann seems to do it all with ease. She said the key is having some flexibility in her job and limiting her work week to 30 hours. “I try to be there for all of the important family moments,” said the Sylvania resident. “When I’m at work, I try to focus, and when I’m home, I try hard to limit all distractions so I can be there 100 percent for my family.”

Supportive family

Mann said she receives excellent family support from not only her husband, Pete, but from the grandmothers on both sides. “They are the main reason we decided to stay in the Toledo area,” she said. “The grandmas are the caregivers for our kids when my husband and I can’t be there. That is priceless.”

Team captain

For the past 13 years, Mann has overseen a team that brings family workshops, homeschool programming, summer camps and educational outreach to the community. She is also credited with helping secure the $10.4 million giant-screen theater that will open in the summer of 2020.

Even though she is the mother of boys, Mann is quite proud of a task force she chaired for Girl Power, an annual career day for girls. She enthused, “I love serving as a role model for girls” instead of the iconic male figure in glasses with a lab coat and a pocket protector.

Proud accomplishments

Mann was a member of a small team who helped to re-open Toledo’s science center following its closing after a levy failure in 2007. The Education Director and another team member took science out into the community, traveling in a van, to reach students. The small crew, led by now Executive Director Lori Hauser, kept science education interest alive in Toledo until the center re-opened in 2009. “Bringing Toledo’s science center back to our community is by far my proudest professional moment,” she said.

What’s your favorite activity to do with your family?
All things baseball. We love to play ball, go to Mud Hens games and watch the Tigers on TV. (Ok, it was not a ton of fun to watch the Tigers this season…)

Best holiday memory from when you were a kid?
Snuggling together as a family and reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition that I’ve carried on with my kids.

What’s your go-to activity when you have a few minutes to yourself?
It depends on my energy level. I’ll either go for a run or pick up a book.

Describe your life in five words or less.
Controlled chaos, sprinkled with laughter.

What is your favorite Toledo hangout?
Village Idiot…but pretty much anywhere with live music.

Describe Toledo in one sentence:
Toledo is a wonderful place to raise a family, rich in cultural and natural resources.