Fit Mamas Offers Stroller Workouts And A Mom Community

. November 1, 2019.
FIT MAMAS offers stroller workouts and a mom community

Fit Mamas is a community that provides mams a place to move, connect, grow, and love. Fit Mamas offers a challenging, 45 minute sweat session with your little one(s) by your side, either in a stroller or playing on the ground/mat, while moms increase their heart rate and build muscle. Moves include squats, push-ups, lunges, resistance training, and more. Fit Mamas instructors make sure to incorporate the little ones as much as possible with bells, bubbles, and kid-friendly songs. Class locations include Wildwood Metropark, West Side Montessori Perrysburg, Riverside Park in downtown Perrysburg, and pop-ups at locations like Gust Brothers Farm.

$15/class; packages available