A Few of Our Favorite Things: Summer Must-Haves

While COVID-19 has certainly presented many problems, there are positives to our everyday life: it has encouraged us to slow down, to take time for self care, and to spend more time outdoors. We’ve compiled a list of summer favorites for pampering your skin, looking fashionable while at the pool (without the hassle) and adding some zest to your family meals. 

Miami Beach Bum

Beach Bum
Beach Bum

Spending more time outside and in the pool can wreak havoc on the skin. The Bum + Body Cream botanical formula is gentle enough for everyday use and treats other skin flare-ups such as folliculitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) and more. The Facial Therapy: Hydrate & Repair is a rich, deeply moisturizing yet fast-absorbing face cream packed with Vitamin A & C. Aloe and squalene deeply hydrate, soothe and fortify your skin barrier and lemongrass minimizes pores, fine lines, excess sebum and blemishes. Tested by the TAP staff and approved with flying color by those who have sensitive, acne-prone, aging skin. miamibeachbum.com/

Teema Towels

Teema Towel
Teema Towel

One of the few businesses booming thanks to COVID-19? The pool industry. For those lucky enough to already have a pool or to have scored one before they went out of stock anyway, you know the benefits of pool life. One downside, however, as a parent is constantly getting in and out of the pool to change a diaper, wipe a butt, get a snack, help pull up a bathing suit…the list goes on. The Teema Towels offers a quality twist on the traditional beach towel with flat woven Turkish textiles, but it dries significantly faster than a normal towel and is half the size of a traditional pool towel, making it the perfect accessory for family pool days. Plus it’s fashionable and cute–perfect for tying around your waist as you attend to little ones!  teema.co

Verve Culture Hand-Blown Glasses

Verve Glassware Set

Toledoans are dining at home more than ever, and what better way to spice up your meals than by adding fun new glassware? Made from recycled glass by artisans in Mexico, these beautiful glasses add a pop of color to your meals. Verve Culture partners with Javier Gutierrez Esponsa and his team of dedicated glassblowers in Tonala, Mexico. verveculture.com

Littles Skin Care

Littles all-natural Tick and Bug Repellent salve is deet free and petroleum free and actually works! TAP staff tested the creamy salve on both kids and adults before hiking in Secor Metropark after a day of rain. Mosquitos were out in full effect, but all four hikers came out with only a single bite between them–on the head where the repellent was not applied. The Littles Face & Body Cream is equally effective, soothing and helping heal sunburn from a long day at the pool. Both are reasonably priced at under $10. littlesskincare.com

Erin Schoen Marsh
Erin Schoen Marshhttp://www.erin-marsh.com
Erin is a writer/editor, yoga teacher, and mama to two little ones.

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