Reading Strong All Summer Long with TLCP Library’s Reading Challenges

. May 31, 2018.

Summer is upon us, which for most kids means spending time outside, playing video games, hanging out with friends and, most of all, no school! But just because school is out doesn’t mean learning has to end. The Toledo Lucas County Public Library keeps kids on track academically and to help build a love for reading.

101 Picture Book Challenge

This summer the Toledo Lucas County Public Library will host two reading challenges. The first ever 101 Picture Book Challenge includes a list of picture books showing diversity, award winners, and a selection geared towards babies and toddlers.

The 2018 Summer Reading Challenge is about reading and the library offers challenges like scavenger hunts and online challenges. Collaborations with Toledo area businesses and organizations support the programs.

The fun starts at the Kickoff Party on June 4th at the Main Library Branch downtown. The party runs from 11:30-1:00pm and the concert begins at noon.

101 Picture Book Challenge Favorites

We asked some TLCPL librarians to tell us about their favorite book on the 101 Picture Book Challenge and why?

Eric Pfeffinger, Children’s Librarian, Washington BranchI-Want-My-Hat-Back-horizontal

“My favorite book on the list is I Want My Hat Back. It’s about a bear who is devastated that he can’t find his hat, and he goes around asking other animals if they’ve seen it. The words and the pictures are spare and economical—there’s exactly as much artwork and language as is needed to tell the story, and not even a tiny bit extra.”

E. Heidi Yeager, Children’s Services Librarian, Sanger Branch Librarycord

“My all-time favorite book is Corduroy. It is the story of all of us when we are growing up. Being told we can’t have everything we see, and learning that if we dream big enough, we can make things happen by ourselves. The joy of having a soul mate, of having family, and the love of both is why this story will always remain my all-time favorite.”

Patti Lusher, Children’s Librarian, Waterville Branch Librarycalvin

“My favorite book on the list is Calvin Can’t Fly. Calvin is a bird who would rather read books and learn things than learn how to fly. But when the other birds tell Calvin it’s time to fly south, what is he going to do? This is a story about friendship, love of books and learning, and being OK with who you are. What a great way to enjoy a book with your child!”