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iLEAD Spring Meadows Toledo Parent Native Content iLEAD Spring Meadows is a tuition-free project-based learning community school in the Toledo area. Located in Holland, Ohio, iLEAD Spring Meadows is committed to cultivating a culture that encourages creativity, project-based learning, and innovation in all aspects of K-8 education. One of the essential components of the school is to foster a love of learning by tapping into STEAM components including music, art, and technology. We’d like you to meet our STEAM enrichment team!

Brittany Strickland, Ms. Brittany, The Makery facilitator, has been an integral part of working to create several projects that have made a lasting impact on the school. One such project is the Butterfly Garden, which taught learners about the life cycle of butterflies and the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem. The learners were actively involved in planting the garden and even had the opportunity to release the butterflies when they were fully grown. The maker space has been the inspiration for many installations on campus. One such installation is the Little Library designed and created by our 4th and 5th-grade learners and is now registered with The Little Library Association. Ms. Brittany also led the installation of the iLEAD Mosaic Wall, where all learners were able to contribute to the design and construction of the wall.

The Exploratorium, iLEAD’s state-of-the-art SmartLab, is facilitated by Katie Barboza, Ms. Katie, she has created an environment that encourages innovation and engineering. She believes creating an environment where learners can improve and learn from their failures is essential. Her classes recently focused on “Industrial Light Magic,” which taught learners about visual effects and design. Additionally, her learners have engaged in various STEAM projects such as robotics, stop-motion animation, and 3D printing that teach learners new skills while allowing them to express their creativity.

Our music program was established and continues to be developed by Daniel Baumgartner. As the school’s music facilitator, Mr. B has created a thriving music program using Kodaly’s music teaching methods. He implements a balanced and well-rounded music curriculum that includes lessons on various instruments, such as keyboard, ukelele, guitar, recorders, and vocal music. Mr. B leads our Veteran’s Day Celebration with a musical performance, coordinates our Winter Program, and directs our annual spring musical. This year, learners will be presenting The Lion King Kids, Directed by Mr. B!t iLEAD Spring Meadows is a school and a community that prioritizes cultivating an environment where learners can thrive. This commitment is exemplified by the Facilitators, whose dedication to integrating music, art, and technology has transformed the learning experience for learners.

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