Kids Astrology: Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Your Sagittarius child was born with a curious mind and will always want to explore beyond Mom and Dad’s limits; however, they also want to know from Mom and Dad what is and isn’t good for them. They are the future teachers, scientists, researchers, and explorers. This month will offer you and your child the opportunity to grow together as they will be attached at your hip, watching everything you do and wanting to try it! Since they are natural explorers, it’s easy to understand as they start to walk that you need to use action words like “danger” so they don’t put something in a plug and get zapped.  

Sagittarius kids’ minds will be curious about how things work this month. The younger children use an expression as they discover an outlet, an oven cooking food or other things that can be dangerous to them. The best way to teach them to be safe is using words like “danger, hot, ouch,” and other words that express what they will feel if they touch things. This will keep them from danger, and your natural-born leader will let you know when you are in danger too.   

This month will also promote your child’s desire to do things on their own. It’s good that they are highly curious, but make sure to stay close to them while you encourage their independence. This month is indeed a great time to teach them about balancing safety with freedom. Your tiny ball of fire will run before they can walk, so provide them with a space that is already child-safe. 

To a Sagittarius, life is all about the experience! The explorer in them needs to be challenged.  December is the perfect month for that, as many traditions are celebrated.  Whatever your tradition is, please give them the role of adding something to it. Let them decorate their room by opening a box of ornaments, showing them how to string popcorn, and hanging it on the tree! Before you know it, they will be finding innovative ways to decorate that you would have never thought of.  

Always check in on them, and, if they are little, do it with them. They want to know you’re there to feel safe because they are well aware of their restless mind.  When the day comes to an end, sit with them and let them share with you what they did, allowing them to communicate new ideas. This will create a deep bond between you and your child. The most important thing you can do for your child is to support them to learn and understand by making their life fun, challenging, and adventurous. 

This is also a great way to channel your child’s spurts of energy, and balance them so they can get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is essential to them, and they sometimes think of it as a waste of time. You never have to worry about ambition with them because their minds and bodies were made to take action. This can make it hard for them to slow down and rest at night. The perfect remedy for that is channeling their energy during the day to sleep at night peacefully. Enjoy the holidays with them; this is their favorite time because they love family and tradition. Happy holidays to you and your family! 


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