Eco-Fill Shop Owner Jocelyn Blank Offers Products Good For Families and the Environment

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Have you ever said to yourself “There’s got to be a better way” as you toss one more giant plastic detergent bottle into the recycling bin? Luckily, there is, thanks to a small business based in Bowling Green. 

Eco-Fill Shop has been helping people reduce their reliance on plastics since the store opened its doors in August 2020.

A table with products on it.Low waste living focuses on reducing products that leave your home in the garbage bin and recycling bins,” said shop owner Jocelyn Blank. “Being mindful of the things you buy and what happens to them when you are done is the first step to reducing the amount of waste that leaves your home.”

Customers can bring their own bottles or jars to refill with a number of products, from household cleaners to personal hygiene items like shampoo or shower gel. The shop also offers products like refillable glass bottles, re-usable paper towel alternatives, and cleaning cloths.

“The shop has a variety of products for bath and body, hair care, oral hygiene, and household cleaning. All the products are free from single use plastic, made with biodegradable and toxin-free ingredients, and are not tested on animals,” Blank said. 

Blank is passionate about offering products that help families and help the planet.

A shelf with products.“It’s important to have access to products that are safe for families and the environment. By keeping costs low and having a physical store and online ordering, more people from a  greater range of economic situations can access products that help them reduce waste and keep toxic ingredients out of their home,” she said. 

Blank would love to see more households embrace low waste living.

“The more homes that have the ability to purchase and use safe products, the bigger the impact to our environment, too. Less waste to the landfill keeps waste removal costs lower and less toxic chemicals down the drain keeps our water safer,” Blank said. 

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Get to know Jocelyn Blank

Tell us about yourself! 

I grew up outside of Bowling Green, Ohio, graduated from BGHS, BGSU and UT.

Tell us about your family!

Myself, Joci, husband Jaime, 9 yr old twin boys Gavin and Evan, who are OBSESSED with space, science and nature, and my daughter, Natalia, 5. She’s a worm catcher, princess dressing and animal lover. They all love working the shop with me.

What do you like to do on a day off?

Toledo Zoo all day! We love going on hikes at the Metroparks, Oak Openings, and visiting the Lucas County libraries

Any hobbies?

Honestly, I homeschool and run the business, so I pretty much made the business my hobby.

Favorite local restaurant?

Mine is Mancy’s Blue Water Grill, and the kids love Red Robin.

Favorite “hidden gem” in the area?

Not sure if it’s a hidden gem, but we love the fossil park in Sylvania.

Are you a book person or a movie person?

Books all day. I’m currently listening to a mystery novel on the Libbey app through the Toledo Lucas County library.

Favorite motivational quote?

Honestly, don’t hate me for it, but I live by “Just do it” from Nike. It’s my go to for everything.

Dream vacation?

I don’t have a dream vacation because there is so much to do right here in Northwest Ohio that I never feel the need to escape. My boys really want to go to Florida for coconut trees and Hawaii to see a real volcano. My daughter isn’t thinking that big yet.

Do you have a secret talent or mom super power?

I love to sing and can make dinner out of just about anything!

Favorite beverage of choice and where to find it?

My favorite bev is Vineyard Breeze from Majestic Oak Winery, right around the corner from my house!

Advice for other mompreneurs?

Time moves fast. Do not miss out on the kids while growing the business. Business can be done little by little, but you only have small children for a short time with no do-overs. Business can end and restart as many times as you want. There is no failure, just learning opportunities. Being a mom and a business owner is tough, but you can do it!