Fall is Approaching, and We’re Back in School Again (IRL this time)

Letter from the Editor:

As a transplant to the Midwest from Louisiana, I just can’t get enough of fall in this region. Last year, my heart was filled with childlike glee when I went apple-picking for the first time. I could drive around all day long looking at the changing of the leaves. Fall is my season. It’s also the beginning of my epic holiday decorating bonanza, a frenzy patiently endured by my husband (I like to think he secretly enjoys it). Most of all, I am looking forward to experiencing Northwest Ohio’s autumnal activities through the eyes of my now five-month-old son.

It’s with that spirit that we put together an issue focused on Halloween Happenings and a guide to surviving the full-fledged return to in-person learning, complete with a Mom’s Survival Pack giveaway. We hope these guides serve you well this season.

Other highlights include profiles on local author Tina DeBord and River Front Studios, practical tips on how to avoid added sugars, and online resources for parents. Our primary feature presents a cautionary tale about seemingly benign business “opportunities” that put many unsuspecting parents in debt. Multi level marketing can be difficult.

However you choose to transition to this new season, I hope you find both insight and valuable ideas here to make the most of your family time.

Happy fall, y’all.

Erin Holden

Assignment Editor —Toledo Area Parent

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