Young Artists at Work in the Toledo Area

The Arts Commission is seeking apprentices for their 2022 Young Artists at Work Program, a six-week paid apprenticeship that allow teens and young adults from the Toledo area to express their artistic ability and fuel their creative passions. Apprentices learn creative job skills, connecting with their community through the creation of public artwork. Every year more than 40 teens are employed by YAAW. 

Apprentices are put into groups based on their creative interests and are tasked with creating original artworks, public murals, short films, magazines, animations and more. In fact, YAAW is responsible for much of the art surrounding Toledo. They have previously commissioned the “Sun Kissed” mural in Ottawa Park and the art pieces seen on the East Toledo Main Street Corridor signal boxes, which were designed under the theme “Flora and Fauna”. 

In the 2021 season, one of the major projects tackled by a team of Young Artists was the Four Corners Window Project. This project required the team to design over 80 window panels for the Spitzer, Nasby and Nicholas buildings at Madison and Huron Street. These four corners represent the only original architecture left in the Toledo area, and are now adorned with native Northern Ohio flora. 

The YAAW is accepting applications now for their 2022 apprenticeship program. The introduction video is available here!

Applications are due by March 18th. Those interested can apply online at the YAAW website. YAAW asks for a character recommendation from a non-family member to supplement all applications. For more information, contact the Toledo Arts Commission at 419-254-2787.

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