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The Arts Commission Announces High School Award Winners

The Arts Commission and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur announced the talented award winners from the 37th Annual Ninth Congressional District Invitational Art Exhibition: first place winner was “Blue Moon” by Collette Jarrell, second place winner was “Just A Thought” by Mikayla Alvarez and third place winner was “Search for Implication at Dusk” by Caiden Lambert-Lyons. Jarrell’s

Children’s Theatre Moves Online to Offer FREE Virtual Content

Theatres may be closed all over the country, but the show can still go on! Children’s Theatre Workshop (CTW) has adapted some of their programs to a new online format, offering several online-only theatre classes for existing and new students. There are five online programs, ranging from a prompt for kids to write a short

Highlights@Home: A Free Email Subscription to Help with Teaching at Home

Highlights@Home, a FREE email subscription that provides parents and kids with fun learning activities while sequestered at home, is filled with stories, puzzles, videos, games, creative activities like crafts or recipes, physical activities and suggested acts of kindness. April content will include themes such as Find Your Funny Bone, We Are (All) Family, Never-ending Piles

Social Distancing Can’t Stop Mission at Bittersweet Farms

COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant disruption to daily life, and for individuals with autism, disruptions to daily routines can be especially difficult. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and all the resulting changes, the residents at Bittersweet Farms have been amazingly resilient, and their stories can be an inspiration for all of us.