Valentine’s Day Card Memory Book

. February 1, 2018.

Parents of elementary age children all know that after the school Valentine’s Day party your child will come home with a paper bag or box stuffed full of Valentine loot. Those tiny little cards signed by classmates are cute, but what to do with them all? I know my kids never want to recycle or throw away the cards, even months later. Making a Valentine Memory Book is a fun way to save cards, notes, stickers and even candy wrappers all in one book that can be kept and looked back on years later.

A Valentine Memory Book can be as simple or as fancy as your child’s personality.

Materials needed:

  • 4 pieces colored construction paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Stapler or hole punch
  • Art supplies to decorate the book pages: markers, ribbon, beads, stickers, paper doilies, patterned paper, whatever your child enjoys.


Create the book:

  • Stack four pieces of construction paper together.
  • Holding the paper horizontally, fold the stack in half like a book.
  • Next, with the folded edge on the left, cut the stack of paper in half, across the middle.
  • You should now have two stacks of folded paper measuring approximately 4 by 5 inches in size. (If the two stacks don’t match exactly, you can trim the edges later.)
  • Place one stack inside the other so that the folded edges are together.
  • This will give you 28 pages plus the front and back cover and a title page.

Bind the book:


To secure the “binding,” open the book to the middle and place two or three staples along the crease.

String binding:

Alternatively, you can punch holes and use string to bind your book. Open your book to the middle and punch one hole on either side of the middle fold near the top and bottom of the book. Fold book, and then use ribbon or string to tie it together. Thread one end of the ribbon through the top hole from back to front and repeat with the other end through the bottom hole. Bring the two ribbon ends together on the front of the book and tie in a knot.

Decorating the book.

Your child can embellish the book before or after they receive the Valentine cards. Be sure to write a title on the front cover with the child’s name, age and grade. Ideas: “mat” cards with patterned paper, embellish with stickers, and glue in paper doilies. Glue the cards in with a glue stick and encourage your child to write a few words about who gave them the card. You can even add beads to the ends of the string or ribbon that you used to bind the book for extra bling.