Treats for Cheap

Score Inexpensive Treats this Halloween

Soon children will appear on your doorstep wanting goodies. Handing out treats to the whole neighborhood doesn’t have to be expensive though.

The cheapest way to get Halloween candy is to stock up in November when leftover goodies are as low as 90% off their original prices. Didn’t stockpile treats last year? There are still ways to provide treats to trick-or-treaters without spending a fortune.

Use rewards

Cash in your CVS Extra Care bucks or the $5 gift card you got for buying three rolls of paper towels at Target. Free money turns into free candy!

Don’t go overboard.

Set a budget for treats and when they are gone, shut off your light for the night. The neighborhood kids will get plenty of candy even if you call it a night early.

Don’t rely on dollars stores for the best deals.

Bags of candy at stores like Dollar Tree are typically very small. You often get more “bang for your buck” by buying big bags at wholesale stores like Costco.

Want to skip the candy completely?

Hand out stickers: You can buy hundreds of stickers for just a couple of bucks at dollar stores or the dollar section of Target. Cut the sheets down and hand out three or four stickers per child.

Give out toys: Purchase small toys in bulk from online retailers like Oriental Trading Company. Pencils, silly-band bracelets, glow sticks, playing cards, miniature balls, temporary tattoos, rings and yo-yos are just a few of the fun options. You can score a hundred trinkets for just a couple bucks.

Pick up fast food gift certificates: Wendy’s and McDonald’s both sell coupon booklets for a couple dollars. Each booklet usually contains 12 coupons, so $10 will give you a nice size stack to give out one certificate per child.

Hand out a snacking treat: Choose granola bars, fruit roll-ups, snack size bags of chips or other kid-friendly treats. Look for “buy one, get one free” specials. Pair that with coupons and you might even get the product for free! As a bonus, you’ll be able to use the leftovers in your own child’s lunchbox.

Supplying Halloween treats doesn’t have to feel like a trick on your budget!