The Art of the Thank You Note

. December 1, 2016.

The art of the handwritten thank you note seems to be quickly fading into the past. But writing thank you notes is a useful exercise for children. It helps instill the message that receiving a gift is not a right, but a privilege. Creating a written message also forces kids to sit down and think about the person who gave the gift. Writing longhand also improves small-motor skills in younger kids and sparks creative thinking in all ages.

Keep it fun

So how can parents encourage this practice? By making it fun instead of a dreaded task! Try putting together a thank you note kit. Fill a lidded box (a shoebox works well) with some blank note cards, envelopes and postage stamps. Then, cruise the aisles of the dollar or craft store for inspiring art supplies to decorate those notes.

Here are some examples of what could be included in your thank you note kit:

  • Colored and metallic markers
  • Stamps and stamp pad or self-inking stamps
  • Stickers
  • White glue, glitter
  • Colored pencils, crayons
  • Chalk and oil pastels

Helping a younger elementary school child write a note can be monotonous for both of you. Consider writing out a “boiler plate” thank you on a 4×6 inch card and placing the card in a stand-alone Lucite frame. This goes in the box with everything else, and comes out again when it is time for note writing.

  • Dear (blank),
  • Thank you for the (blank).
  • Love, (name)

For pre-writers, write out the basic message yourself and allow the child to decorate the card with art supplies, signing their own name if they are able. Young elementary school-age kids can copy the basic message and personalize the card with artwork. Encourage older children to make their notes personal by writing down at least one thing they liked about the gift.

Kids will likely still need a nudge to get going on those notes, but a thank you note kit will make it more fun for the child and easier for the parent. And relatives who receive decorated, personal notes will surely appreciate them.

Bio: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon is a freelance writer and the mother of three children.