YouTube education

. September 26, 2012.

Trevor Eissler is just your average father of three — jet pilot by day, YouTube activist and author by night. Alright, so typical he’s not, but the Texan has made waves in the education community with his passionate (and creative) advocacy of Montessori education. His Montessori Madness YouTube video, a 5 minute and 44 second quick draw explanation of the benefits of the philosophy, has earned more than 200,000 views. Throughout the video he talks over the squeaks of his marker, masterfully drawing and narrating a story about education. He’ll share his experiences as a YouTuber author (Montessori Madness the book), advocate and parent during a speaking engagement called “It’s All About Making Connections” on Tuesday, October 9 at West Side Montessori’s 7115 W. Bancroft location. The event is free and open to the public — you’ll find even if you don’t subscribe to Eissler’s preferred style of education, his passion for igniting curiosity in children is a worthy topic of conversation for all parents of school-age children.

To learn more about Eissler, visit —AO