Unmarried Dads Get Help from New Group

. July 31, 2015.

Social worker Beth Incorvaia worries about unmarried fathers having difficulty visiting their children. “These men are so frustrated. They aren’t familiar with the system and learn quickly that the State of Ohio doesn’t give them many rights.” That’s the reason she started the Fathers Rights Organization (FRO), a non-profit group with the mission of empowering and encouraging local men trying to keep close to their kids. She explains, “These men want to see their children, but don’t know how to get the process started. They think they need an attorney, which they often cannot afford. And, frankly, the court system isn’t user friendly. The dads spend a lot of money and time with no success and often give up.”

She continues, “I know the research shows that children who grow up without dads have lots of problems—higher suicide rates and more anger issues, to name a few. We want to help these dads maintain relationships with their kids without all the problems.”

FRO is building relationships with local attorneys and social services agencies, and Incorvaia believes the community will offer help when the need is discussed openly. 

She invites dads to check the Facebook page (Fathers Rights Organization FRO), fathersrightsorganization.com or contact her at 419 214-2465 and/or ohiofro@yahoo.com.
Tax-deductible donations to help can be made at any Huntington Bank branch.