TPS is teaming up with The Art Supply Depo

Behind the receipts, calendars and photos on your fridge, we’re guessing that you have at least one picture your child made in an elementary school art class. Take a step beyond to view Toledo Public School’s elementary school student artwork at The Art Supply Depo during their April in-store exhibit. 

TPS art teacher, Dawn Murphy, first met Jules Webster at Space 237 Gallery when Murphy organized exhibits at the now-closed gallery. Since then, Webster and Murphy have continued showing student art in public spaces.

“Dawn invites a small handful of teachers who we enjoyed working with in the past, and she reaches out and firms up the commitments.  The teachers pick artwork from their students. They choose students who have produced exemplary works of art; or to encourage those particular students who show promise, talent, or who need a little extra ‘boost’ to keep their focus on art,” said Webster. 

Expose your child to the creativity of their peers and let them imagine big dreams during this exhibit. 

10am-7pm Monday-Thursday, 10am-6pm Friday,
10am-5pm Saturday, Noon-5pm Sunday. 
The Art Supply Depo, 29 S. St. Clair St.
419-720-6462 | | FREE