Showing the love

. February 6, 2013.

Toledo Area Humane Society animal cruelty investigator
Nancy Schlib, known as Officer Nan, meets animals who have been mistreated every day. However, Schlib is doing what she can to raise awareness for shelter animals. This month Officer Nan releases her first children’s book Animal Cop Adventures: Forrest the Hero, a heartwarming tale of a dog who had been mistreated and abandoned. “I wanted to express to people that they should adopt shelter animals; they have just as much love to give,” Schlib said. And love they do. The story relays true events about Forrest and the rescue of his new owner’s son. To  purchase the book visit or Early copies of the book will be available at Rover Come Over during a book signing on Thursday, March 3, at 6pm. 3955 Albon, Monclova. 419-861-9100.