Puppets Remind Kids about Recycling


Kids love puppets, and they will have opportunities this summer to meet several new puppets to remind them about the value of recycling. Keep Toledo-Lucas County Beautiful, part of the Lucas County Solid Waste Management District, has introduced puppets Riley and his friends– a fish, a seagull, and a worm– to tell the story of what the world might be like without recycling. Julianna Sample, executive director of KTLCB, explains, "The kids in our target audience, grades K-5 or 6, have grown up with the idea of recycling. This is a new way to remind them of the value of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We invite teachers and principals to contact us about having the puppets visit their classrooms to give special presentations about particular topics, such as composting, keeping our waters clean, etc. We do hands-on activities, too, so we're certain the students will love the program." 

The puppets will visit Toledo Botanical Gardens Nature's Nursery on Sunday, June 14, the Mott Library, 1085 Dorr St. at 1:30pm on June 17,
and the YMCA Childcare Center at DeVeaux Elementary School,
2620 W. Sylvania Ave., at 1:30pm on August 12.