Kinetic learning in a flash

. April 26, 2013.

Kids can sometimes have a little too much energy — everyone has experienced the maniacal force of a hyper toddler. But Toledoan Laurie Gumbash has devised a way to channel that youthful energy into a medium for learning with The ABC’s of Movement, a new method of teaching children their ABCs utilizing movement flash cards that associate letters with a particular action (for example, the letter C is the crab walk.) Each card comes with a full color photograph of a child demonstrating each letter movement as well as instructions to trace the letter, a rhyming sentence, an alliteration (words with the same first consonant sound) sentence, performance instructions and modifications for children with special needs.
Gumbash, a physical therapist with nearly 20 years of experience working with special needs children, says that “evidence is mounting about the benefits of combining learning with physical activity” and cites America’s obesity epidemic as one reason why her flash cards are beneficial. “Kids need to get moving and these cards lay the foundation for a lifestyle of activity,” she says. $22.99 for cards, available online