Innovation Week at Imagination Station


Whether roller coasters scare you or you love the ride, the thrill machines are a work of engineering. Take your family to visit Imagination Station for Innovation Week, May 17-22, and discover the creative side of science. Channel your inner engineer by using funnels, clothespins, tubes and dowel rods to build your own coaster-like contraption. Can you design a marble run to travel from the top of a pegboard to a target at the bottom, and then back again? Solve the problem with your whole family all week long. 10am-5pm,Tuesday-Saturday. Noon-5pm, Sunday. $11/ages 13-64. $10/seniors 65+. $9/ages 3-12. Free/children 2 and under. Lucas County Residents: Free on Saturdays for children 12 and under with an adult, $1.50 admission discount.


Imagination Station | 1 Discovery Way
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