Giving back

. September 6, 2012.

What if $2 could offer a woman and her baby a safe, clean delivery process, decreasing infection and promoting healthful births in third world countries? Birthing Kits began as a service project, when Emilie Owens, president of Toledo’s Zonta International club, heard the statistics and stories about the harsh conditions women who give birth in Kenya, Africa face every day. “We assembled around 200 kits during our first process. There’s a piece of plastic for the women to sit on, gauze, a razor to cut the umbilical cord, a cloth, a bar of soap, etc. This makes the process much easier for these women who have been using whatever they find, and it really cuts down on infection,” says Owens. Support from Zonta has been overwhelming. “The women have been so generous with their help, our regional division packaged 780 kits, and donated their own funds to ship the kits to Africa,” Owens explains. But, how much does it cost to ship the kits to Africa? “Around $400,” says Owens. “It was mind-boggling, I never thought it would be so much.” While Owens’ Zonta Club has generously continued the donations, Owens hopes to raise funds from outside sources. For more info or to make a donation email Owens at