Fifth Polar Bear Cub Born at the Toledo Zoo

. January 27, 2016.
Fifth Polar Bear Cub Born at the Toledo Zoo

On December 3, 2015, sixteen-year-old polar bear mother, Crystal, gave birth to a polar bear cub.

“This is the fifth time polar bear cubs have been born at the Toledo Zoo, for a total of seven cubs since 2006,” said Dr. Randi Meyerson, assistant director of animal programs. “We are very excited about the successful birth and rearing of this cub. Crystal has always demonstrated great maternal care. The cub still has a lot of important milestones [to achieve], but we are cautiously optimistic that both mom and cub will continue to thrive.”

Before the cub’s debut, the Zoo’s staff will carefully observe the cub and monitor its growth in the den. Can’t wait to see the cub? As excited as the Zoo is, they are honoring the important bonding period, as mother and cub remain secluded as they would in the wild.

This video shows mother, Crystal, in February 2013 bonding with her two polar bear cubs.

Once this new cub is has matured, the baby bear will make its Zoo debut, with a name and gender identified. Until then, we can see a sneak peek here:

“We hope that this cub will inspire visitors to care about polar bears and also to learn what we as humans can do to reduce our carbon footprint and help polar bears in the wild,” said Dr. Meyerson.

Jeff Sailer, the Zoo’s executive director, said, “The Zoo is very happy to be able to share another polar bear cub with our visitors. This cub is not only important for maintaining a healthy and growing population but also for bringing the plight of the wild polar bear population to the forefront. We are proud to welcome this conservation ambassador to the world and to the Toledo Zoo.”