Classroom Teachers Learn to Integrate Technology

Teachers become the students in a new WGTE program Sign On: A Journey of Integrating 

Technology, which follows three local educators as they learn to use the iPad in their classrooms. The featured high school teacher from Waite High School worries that there aren’t enough appropriate apps for high school students, but is pleased that her students want to use technology for doing research and organizing information for outlines and research papers. The preschool and kindergarten teachers, of the Islamic School of Greater Toledo, are excited to see their students grow in math and language arts skills and work on the mechanics of handwriting with iPad help. The program notes the professional development opportunities offered by WGTE for teachers (and parents), and encourages adults who “didn’t grow up with technology in their hands” to do as the children do: learn by pressing the buttons, playing with the apps, sharing discoveries with others and recognizing that “there’s a world of information out there” for their students to explore.

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