Byran DeKay portraits

. November 28, 2012.


Personalized mugs. Monogrammed ornaments. Finger-painted Christmas trees. You’ve done it all for grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, and your significant other, but now you’re fresh out of ideas and in need of something that is just as unique as they are — or as you are. Why not go a little ‘old school’ by commissioning an artistic rendering of someone you love? Bryan DeKay, artist and teacher at Toledo’s Bennett Venture Academy, paints portraits of friends, families or children for that special, personalized gift. He uses photos of his subjects (anything from the family dog to grandparents) to paint modern, frame-worthy images that are fun to hang on the walls. His knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary transfers over to his subjects as well: thanks to DeKay’s paintbrush, you’ll look like rock-stars. DeKay charges $30 an hour; portraits typically take two to three hours.

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