Bill To Prohibit Smoking In Cars With Children Is Stalled

Ohio Senate Bill 89, which would prohibit drivers from smoking in cars carrying children under age 6, seems to be at a standstill. State Senator Charleta Tavares introduced the bill in June, 2015, but it is currently in the State Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee. Her legislative aide Tim Johnson reports that she is optimistic there will be action on the issue soon, since other states are adopting similar laws, but he urges concerned citizens to contact Senator Shannon Jones, chairman of the HHS Committee to voice their opinions and to urge that it be moved from committee to the general assembly. The bill calls for a first-time fine of $500 for drivers stopped by police smoking in a car with children under age 6. Subsequent fines increase by an additional $250.

To contact State Senator Tavares, call 614-466-5131.